Saturday, November 13, 2010

No "Metro" Kicks

The other morning as I was driving to work, Brad Paisley's song, "I'm Still a Guy", came on the radio:

I couldn't help but laugh to myself as I thought about a small struggle Squire and I have been having with regards to how our boy will be reared, or should I say . . . dressed.

Back in October, My mom and her good friend Julie made a trip down to Provo to surprise McKenzie for her birthday. They came the day after my 20 week ultrasound, so we knew the gender of our baby. In celebration of the news, they each bought Smalls a cute outfit. Later, my mom got these little boots for our boy.

I was so excited! I even sent a picture of them to Squire's phone right away. "Do you like these babe?!" I texted. Squire didn't really answer me that day. Later I talked to him and asked, so why didn't you ever say anything about those boots? His reason for getting quiet? "I don't want our boy to be Metro." I have included a photo to demonstrate Squire's fears visually for you all:
Squire has conjured up in his mind, fears that our little boy will be "afraid to get his clothes dirty" and will always want to look nice and and presentable because of his small but ever-growing clothing collection. Haha. I'm not going to lie ladies. I plan on my boy having his fair share of days in coordinated outfits for church and special outings. If he has hair that is long enough, I might even style it into a faux-Hawk every now and then. But, I'm sure there will be even more days spent in onesies, jammies, jeans and boogery t-shirts.

Judging by our boy's kicking, I really think he will be more interested in sports than in fashion. He has some really strong kicks! Squire feels our baby kick every morning now. The other day, Squire asked me if I had faked a baby kick because it was so strong he didn't believe our baby could have done it. You can even see many of his kicks and punches on my belly (with and without clothes) these days. We've been praying for our baby's health and strength ever since we got the positive pregnancy test. We joke together about how we should skip the praying for strength at this point, because he has already met his quota.

We've also discovered that our baby really likes his space, and if he feels it is being infringed upon by:

-A hand
-A poky finger
-Squire's elbow when his arm is around me at night
-The wrapping table at work
-My laying on my side
-My hunched posture
-My seat belt
-Or anything else you could imagine...

he tends to kicks back. Unless he is being a stinker and waits until the second you remove your hand, and then kicks the place where your hand was last resting. He likes to do that quite often as well.

Other things about his movement:
-He mostly kicks on my left side and at the top of my stomach and ribs. His fluttery hand movements are usually on the right side of my belly or bellow my belly button.
-He loves music. He gets excited when the choir and congregation sing at church. He likes some upbeat songs on the radio (like this song, for example), and a few songs his momma sings.
-Our baby is mostly nocturnal. He kicks most often at night and in the early morning when I'm laying down.

Pregnancy discomforts these days include:
-Heartburn and Acid Reflux
-Lower back pain after my 8 hour shifts at work
-Many more bathroom breaks
-Some swelling in my hands and feet
(I have to take my wedding ring off every now and then.)

But, even with the discomforts we're both so happy. We feel so blessed! I love having Squire rub my belly and talk to our baby every day. We are so excited to meet our little boy: no matter what his interests will be!Here is a belly shot Squire snapped of me after work: 24 weeks! At my last appointment, everything was looking great. I'm still measuring one week ahead.


  1. Awe! You're so cute Jami! Pregnancy definitely is a wonderful experience. I hope you continue to enjoy (most of) it!

  2. You're so cute! Jonah was like that, too. Didn't like much attention in the womb, unless it was from Josiah or Georgie. Georgie would try to touch my hand when she was in the womb. Funny the differences!

    Also, yellow mustard really helps with heartburn, if you're looking for a natural remedy. If you make a sandwich that has a lot on it, or just a tsp (I know it's gross!) swallowed. Not sure how your sugar intake is, but that really got me on the acid reflux side. I couldn't eat much sugar at all...without consequences.

    Love you guys!!! We're so excited for you!

  3. Greg is also very concern about Rex being metro, but you only get to dress him for so long and then they dress themselves and that's just ugly...also when Greg dresses him...he never quite matches. I say do it while you can and the boots are adorable.

  4. Hi Jami!

    I am so excited for you:) You make pregnancy sound so fun:) Seems you like you are doing great!


  5. Awww...sad. Those booties are so cute! Totally not metro Squire. Tell him you'll compromise and dress him in a flannel shirt or something whenever he wears the booties.

  6. heartburn = hair. No, I mean it. Wait and see. Hope it keeps on comin', cause babes with hair are the best.



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