Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My baby boy and belly continue to grow! It's crazy how fast my belly has really popped out. Strangers now feel confident enough to comment on my baby bump, which is nice. There's definitely more than just a little chub to this belly! The CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife) I saw at the appointment after I had the 20 week ultrasound told me that even though my baby and my belly measure 1 week ahead, they aren't going to change my due date. I am totally fine with that. I'd really like to avoid being induced. Since the early ultrasounds tend to be more accurate anyways, I feel pretty confident that my little boy is just a little bigger than the average gummy bear. Just take a peak at the picture below of his meaty leg! Squire and I debate about whether his leg is all muscle or chunk. We have just decided to deem it "substantial" to neutralize that debate. :)
Here is a picture of me at 21 weeks and 4 days.

Baby Hepworth's "substantial" 20 week fetal leg.

We have lots of friends and family asking about what our baby's name will be. Squire and I have a handful of names we both really like, but we are going to wait to name him until after he is born. What we can tell you for certain is that his middle name will be "Dean". Squire is the third generation of firstborn Hepworth sons to have that middle name so we thought we'd carry on the tradition. My Grandpa Elsmore also has the middle name Dean, so it's a good fit on both sides of the family. In the meantime, my little sister Riley has decided to call our baby, "Freddie". I'm pretty sure she got the name from the show, iCarly. She is such a cutie and I love that she is so excited to be, "Aunt Riley". That is one of the best parts about growing a little life inside of you I think. The fact that that baby makes parents out of a couple, aunts and uncles out of siblings, grandparents out of parents, and so on. I enjoy seeing the excitement from both of our families about what their special relationship with the baby will be.

What I really love to see is Squire getting excited about our baby. . . In May, Squire and I spent a night at the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake for a short, romantic getaway. While we were there, we bought these awesome finger puppets from the Pottery Barn in anticipation of the arrival of a future child. The only problem with them was that they had these huge tags sticking out of their backs. Anyways, about a month ago I came home to find Squire sewing away at the finger puppets and cutting out their tags. What was even funnier was the fact that he used my jewelry tools to tie the ends of thread like doctors tie up stitches. Ha! To each his own I guess. :) I'm just glad he is getting as excited as I am to welcome this little addition into our home.Squire practicing his surgical skills on our baby's finger puppets.

Speaking of preparing to welcome our new addition into our home. . . Nesting has officially begun for me today. I cleaned the house for the better part of the day and I don't plan on stopping much in the coming weeks. I want every nook and cranny of my little basement apartment to be spotless! Once I get to that point, I have quite the list of crafts and projects I want to work on. I'm glad I am done with school so I have time to do everything I want to do before he comes!

My well-nested pantry. I wish I had the before pic to show you!!

And just because I can, I have one more picture to post. I've been wanting to post a picture of my beautiful throne for months now, but didn't so as not to get your minds assuming I was pregnant earlier than I wanted you all to know I was! (Thanks again to Mom, Dad, Aunt Sheryl and Ricki for what you each contributed to getting me this awesome rocking chair!!) I LOVE it. I can't wait to rock/nurse by little boy to sleep in this chair.

The most comfortable chair I have ever had the privilege to sit in, let alone own.
**Contented sigh.**

Well, I think I'll go sit in my throne a while and read a book to my baby before I catch some "Zzzz's". It has been a "substantial" day, and I'm sure this post is substantially long enough to have already lost your interest. If not, I sincerely appreciate your dedication. :) Until next post.


  1. Aww Dean is a name in my family too. Cute :) And Anniversary Inn is the best, we stayed at the one in Boise and it is so GORGEOUS inside. Glad things are going well with Baby (Insert first name here) Dean Hepworth!

  2. You look great Jame! I'm glad you love your chair, I really love mine too. It's the best for nursing in too.

  3. Love the post! so many fun things. Nice sewing...finger-puppet surgery? The throne, the throne. I think I can sleep anywhere, in any position, but I never mind sleeping in my throne. Most comfortable seat ever! You look awesome, Jami!! Happy nesting!



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