Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Trip to Yellowstone

We had a good time with my family last week in Yellowstone! Here's a summary of some of the highlights of our trip:
Lots of family time and all that entails.
Quality images and videos - most of which were taken by Dad and Jer. You can check those out on my parents' blog soon I'm guessing. :)Wildlife! We went out a couple mornings at 5am on animal "hunts". We did not see wolves or any moose like we had hoped, but we still saw quite a bit. We saw bison (so many bison that they seemed more a nuisance than a wonder by the end), river otters eating a fish, pelicans, elk, ravens, deer, mama bears and cubs, antelope, an adorable little squirrel napping on a branch by our camper, other less common mini rodents, the missing link between moose and elk, a "heard of bears" that looked an awful lot like a herd of cows..., and a few too many mosquitoes.
We saw some pretty unique and beautiful land formations and geysers.
Did some hiking to remote locations.
One hike included a view of an awesome waterfall deeper than Niagra Falls.
It has a perpetual rainbow.The boys saw a 50 Million year old petrified Redwood tree.
We saw Old Faithful explode his misty wave. He's not quite as faithful as he used to be though. We had to wait about 15 min. after the posted +- 10min. window of time. Still pretty amazing though!

What else?

-We learned about the benenficial contribution of fire to the landscape. It creates diversity.
-We played some legendary rounds of Mormon Bridge.
-We ate delicious food all week long. (Thanks Mom!)
-We experienced Mammoth Marshmallows for the first time. They were about 5X's larger than
the standard large size. Riley had some fun with one getting in her hair.
-We swam in Jackson lake, with a gorgeous view of the Teton mountains on our last day.
-We visited my Uncle Kimber's grave in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
-We had a girls'/boys' day where we stayed home all day. It was probably the best one.
-We all rode our bikes around together. We drove in the "Circle of death". Don't ask, or I'll have
to kill you.

Now were back in Provo, with just a week to go before school starts for Squire. I've been having fun, helping McKenzie learn the ropes of Cougar town.

More fun posts to come! :)

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