Saturday, August 14, 2010

California Adventure

The first weekend in August, Squire and I headed down to the Los Angeles temple to see my best friend be married and sealed to her love! Kristen was one of my freshman roommates at BYU. She met her husband freshman year and they wrote his whole mission. I was so excited to see them get married because I had seen their whole relationship unfold before my eyes, and I think they are so good together.
After the sealing, we headed over to this yummy hole-in-the-wall Indian place. Did I ever mention that Indian food is my and Squire's favorite ethnic food? We want to travel to India someday, just because we love the food and are so intrigued by the culture.Her reception was awesome - it was on the beach!
While in California, we spent a day at the Santa Monica Pier.
We shared a bowl of delicious clam chowder in a bread bowl on the pier.
Saw this Mongolian contortionist among other, less noteworthy performers on the pier. He did all his acts to Michael Jackson music. I think he weighed about 40 lbs.We caught sand crabs on the shoreline - one of my family's ocean visit traditions.Saw some sand sculptors, sculpting away. It's too bad we took so long to get a pic. He originally was sculpting the shark to look like he had eaten a kid who was buried underneath his creation.We swam in the ocean waves, and got a little sun. After our time on the beach, we headed to Pinkberry as per blog recommendation of a friend in our married student ward. It was amazing!
And of course - we spent a couple nights at my Granny's! She brought us to yummy Chinese food and we talked for hours. Squire loves my Granny's desert tortoises and is absolutely convinced they are the pet we need to have someday.
I love my cute, sweet little Gran! We can't wait to visit you again Granny Shanks!
Minus the horrible traffic and the dinky motel we stayed in the night of my friends' reception, the trip was a wonderful getaway. We only wish we could have spent more time with Gran.


  1. My sister loved Pinkberry when she lived there. She talked about it all the time. Did you like it? Glad you had a fun trip!

  2. We loved Pinkberry and wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone!

  3. Your friend's dress is one of the prettiest I've seen. Tell her that for me.



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