Friday, July 30, 2010

Cell Phone Challenged

I love to talk. I love having a cell phone to talk on. I use about 90% of the phone plan each month, Squire will attest to that. I often wake my mom or am woken by my mom's phone call each morning, I make calls and text during all my breaks at work, call my siblings and chat for hours when I have the time, and go to sleep, setting the alarm clock on my phone to my favorite ringtone. If I don't have my cell phone with me, I feel naked. But to Squire's and my dismay...
I have a confession to make. I have lost and/or broken 4 different cell phones over the course of the last two years. This last week and a half though, I have been especially successful in the phone losing/breaking business.

  • Wednesday, July 21st: Dropped my cell phone one too many times. The screen went black and I could hear my phone ringing but could not hear the voice on the line when I answered.
  • Friday, July 23rd: Squire and I both looked, but it was he who found and purchased a replacement phone (the exact same phone even!) for only $30. You gotta love KSL.
  • Monday, July 26th: Lost my new replacement phone on Campus somewhere. I know I had it until about 3:30pm and even carefully retraced all my steps, but couldn't find it.
  • Friday, July 30th: After a couple visits, several days, and about 10 calls to the Lost and Found, it was Squire's visit to the Lost and Found today that brought my lost, but very dead, phone back into my hands.

Lesson Learned: The Law of Entropy is an ever present force in my life, especially where cell phone preservation is concerned. But, my Husband has a way of overriding it somehow.

Thanks for your help and patience, Squire. You are very loved and I am very relieved to have my lifeline back again.


  1. I'm that way various items, sadly. Chris used to always breath down my neck about it until a couple weeks ago- he lost his iPod in my parent's house and hasn't been able to find it!

    While the law of entropy exists, but so does eye for eye sometimes :D

  2. The first step is admitting you have a problem.



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