Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Word to My Brotha!

There's just something so heart-warming about a brother/sister relationship when it miraculously gets to that point of friendship after years of pestering and foot tickling while napping on the couch. ; ) Jeremy came up to Provo Monday evening for a night. He is off to graduate school at the University of Wyoming! I'm so excited for him and proud of all his hard work to get him there. I was just thinking today about Jeremy, and what a good brother he is. He's certainly the most gracious guest we've ever had - it makes it easy for me to want to cook anything and everything I can to make him happy and full, because he is so thankful! : )
And believe me, there was some good cooking! For breakfast: homemade bread, used to make french toast, an omelet with all the fixings, fruit salad and orange juice! For a late-night snack: Yummy oatmeal craisin cookies. (I followed this recipe, but substituted craisins for raisins instead). For dinner the night before: Hot dogs roasted on a campfire, corn on the cobb wrapped in foil, and grilled onions on coals from the fire too. Yum!
Thanks Jer for being there for me at all the big crossroads of my life, wearing "broccoli" on your suit at my wedding, for complimenting my food so profusely, for laughing at our jokes, for teaching Squire and I where to shop and all about the hippest new technology and entrepreneurial opportunities, for your sharing your very unique and hilarious take on life, and for just making us smile. We loved having you visit, and we hope we will see you even more often with Kenzie coming up to BYU in the Fall, and with your new home being 2 hours closer than before. : )

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  1. AnonymousJune 11, 2010

    I always look forward to visited with you and Squire. You two are the best Hosts I've every had! I'm excited for classes. They start on monday! Talk to you soon.



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