Thursday, June 24, 2010

Frumpy to Fashionable - How is it done?

So, lately I've been feeling a little like the lady in this cartoon:

I'm glad I have a good paying job at a fine establishment, but working in the bakery really takes a toll on your clothing. Everything I have is old, holey, discolored, ripped. Not to mention, having your hair in a ponytail, hairnet and hat most every day doesn't do much for the woman in you either. It's kind of depressing to go stare in at your closet full of clothes, knowing that whatever you pick will make you look frumpy or messy. I'm really wanting to look nice again.  It's too bad Stacy and Clint can't just stop by with $10,000,000 and some awesome advice for me.

I need a good shopping buddy/advice and some store suggestions (I've been shopping at Old Navy here and there the last year and I've been disappointed with how quickly everything fades and thins. Where can I shop cheaply, and still get quality and fashion?) I think I'm going to start putting a little away from each check so I can buy one or two pieces at a time. What do you do to keep from feeling frumpy? How do you purchase? Where? With whom? I did just buy a new cute blouse and denim jacket from TJ Maxx, and got my hair cut at the Paul Mitchell school yesterday. A fresh haircut always makes you feel pretty.

I'm still learning how to fix it - do you find you have to re-learn how to fix your hair after a cut? It's nice and long for Squire, but with a little more sass than before.

Oh the frustration of fashion. Help me out friends. I would seriously appreciate all the feedback and suggestions you might have.


  1. Cute Hair!! I absolutely love Maurices in the University Mall. Urban Trends is awesome for new skirts as well. I've heard Forever 21 is super cheap I haven't shopped there before though.

  2. I hear you. I just finished packing for a little anniversary/visit Greg's family trip that will be for 10 days...and I have 5 shirts I can wear out of the house. People I know who dress cute shop a lot. They don't always buy a lot but they go to the mall often so they can hit up all the sales and know when something is priced well. I also enjoy Maurices and Urban Trends. Also head over heels. But when it comes down to it, looking super cute all the time costs a lot of money--that I would usually rather spend somewhere else.

  3. I am sooo qualified for this discussion. ;) I'm starting to get interested in re-purposing old clothes. There are a lot of blogs out there with tutorials. Some fun things you can make out of clothes you already have to make them unique and fresh.

  4. @ Heidi: Thanks! : ) Thanks you for the store recommendations too! I'll have to check those out.

    @ Heather: Your attitude about fashion is refreshing. It's true, there are more important things to spend your money and time on than fashion. You don't have to look super cute all the time. Just hopefully a little cuter than usual on the day or two off work. ; )

    @ Ricki: What are some of those blogs? I'd be really interested in checking those out!

  5. I'm a big Kohl's fan. It's one of those stores where if you see something you like that's not on sale, you can just wait two weeks and it'll be marked down :) Chris and I just went and didn't spend over $13 for any one item.

  6. I'm really not qualified for too much fashion advice, HOWEVER, I do know coupons. Check out myfrugaladventures to see when you can get free shipping/coupons, etc. for when you're ready to purchase.

    I know that your hair net, ponytail, and hat aren't very good for "the woman within", but I'd get some cute earrings. Earrings ALWAYS make me feel better, no matter how yucky I think I look.

  7. I love the new hair cut!! My most favorite places to shop are at Down East.. ESPECIALLY when they have sales!! (thats pretty much the only time I buy things from there) and of course I love Ross.. but it is one of those stores, especially in orem, where you have to look hard and come back often because things go fast when they re-stalk. I don't know how those will work for you.. but they work for me :D

  8. Cute hair!

    Target is always a fave for me, and Forever21 has a lot of options, not all of them will fit everyone's style, but it's usually pretty cheap and the stuff I have purchased there lasts.
    They have a lot of t-shirts for around $2 if you just need some basics. And a lot of times you can find jewelry there that looks like it came from Anthropologie! (just for under $3...)

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