Saturday, June 26, 2010

Burraston Ponds and The Singles Dance

Today is the first Saturday I've had off from work in quite some time. So, Squire and I decided to take advantage of the day. We spent it here, at Burraston Ponds in Mona, UT. The water was mostly warm, with only a few pairs of mating dragon flies here and there. What made it really fun, were the rope swings:
There were platforms built in the trees, and everyone took turns jumping in the water. If you aren't too afraid to see Squire and I in our swim suits, you can watch the videos below. ; )

We even stopped by this cute little "Red Barn" shop on the way home, where they had lots of fresh fruit, freshly pressed apple cider, saltwater taffy, homemade jams and candies, and quilts and such.

We also attended our Singles' ward dance this evening. We brought a pot of homemade potato soup. It was a hit. And we looked pretty sharp too if I do say so myself! (much better than we do in swimsuits anyway)...

You can see Squire sporting the vest my mom made for him. Just dashing isn't he?I wore my concert dress. It is the only formal thing I have around.
Aren't the earrings cute? Squire got them for me last Valentine's day. They are Italian glass. : )
One rather unproductive, but very enjoyable Saturday, is coming to a close.


  1. You blogged... thats productive! Clint, Sky, and I are planning to head down to mona to go the the lavender festival. Can you give me details on this pond you went to? Sounds so much fun!

  2. You guys are so cute!

  3. @ Kaley: Take the Mona exit, then go south on Highway 41 for about a 1/4 mile. The ponds are on the right side of the road. There is kind of a rusty red sign telling you where to turn (Burraston Ponds). You can fish there and swim, there are three rope swings and several platforms/stumps where you can jump off into the water. There is a path around the largest pond where you can sit and relax. Some are more swampy, but the biggest one is great for swimming. There a trees around most of the pond so there is some nice shade. There are a few picnic tables where you can eat. If you guys have water socks, I would recommend wearing those because the rocks entering the water are a little slick. But, the water temperature is pretty comfortable. I bet you all would love it - especially Skyler! There is even a little rope swing for kids. Some people brought canoes or blow up row boats, etc. There is plenty of room to enjoy floaty toys. Have fun! : )

  4. You guys are cute. Ha ha! I just read what Sherece said after I wrote the same exact thing! I'm leaving it.



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