Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ode to My Citrus Peeler

I have another piece for my creative writing class that I thought I'd share with you. We had to write an ode to something or someone. I chose to write about one of my favorite kitchen gadgets: my citrus peeler. As you read, please imagine the poem being delivered in a British accent. It really captures the essence of the poem. : )

Ode to My Citrus Peeler

Oh happy dagger!

The form of your body gives life and fiber to mine own.

Were it not for thee, the form and flavor of the citrus fruits,

would from me be


Many a darkened morning

thou hast saved me from that wretched fate,

under the nails of fingers,

stinging pulp,

acid splashes in mine eyes.

Your simply elegant shape,

like long tear drops of lovers long parted,

saves me from the tears that formerly dampened mine eyes

at the longing for the sweet oranges,

and of bitterness at the painful attempts

to part them from their web-like shells.

Your color, hides you from those unsuspecting spherical beasts,

who suppose they are resting at a pool of cool water,

their reflection skewed by some strange angle.

The bend in your back is always firm and at the ready

to plunge into the rind of virgin oranges,

foes of the most deviant kind.

The square loop on your teary head gives me rest, support and protection,

with it you follow the pressure and direction of my gentle fingers.

With your careful caress, the hardened spherical fruit

with its motes of discomfort,

open up instead,

like petals to dainty young birds,

in search of fine nectar.

In my former life,

the one wherein thou didst not grace me

with thy presence,

each attempt to free the citrus fruit with my fingers,

left mine hands, bathed in sticky blood,

but with your strength

I fly,

my heart pattering like the effervescent pumping of hummingbird wings,

as I drink from the nectar of that previously forbidden fruit.

With your sacrifice,

with the skills and form which you possess,

I for a moment, return to Eden.

The sweat of my brow,

the sorrow,

is gone.


  1. This is fantastic on so many levels. It touched my soul.

  2. I love this! I read it out loud in a brittish accent for rock :D



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