Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maple Lake Adventure!

Squire has been studying tirelessly for the MCAT. So, when a friend at work wanted to take my shift on Wednesday, and my first Thursday class was canceled, I knew we needed to get away for a night. Squire and I made a little camping trip to Maple Lake - about 30 minutes from Provo.
See our friends welcoming us?!

 The picture below is my pathetic attempt at trying to split an already pretty skinny log.
Dinner was AMAZING. I made our favorite BBQ chicken pizza with scratch dough, but in the dutch oven. It took quite some time to cook, but it was absolutely perfect. I would very much recommend it.
Above: Me playing with the pre-grated Mozzarella.
Center: Before being cooked.
After: The finished pizza in all its Dutch oven glory.
Squire is our money-maker. (See the penny?) He finds change everywhere we go, even at the campsite. Hopefully his MCAT score will increase that amount... ; )
I wanted breakfast to be simple, and to be ready right when we woke up, so I made these blueberry muffins before we left. Wow. Those muffins, with the fresh fruit and hot chocolate in Snapple containers - so yummy. : )
Thanks to Mom and Dad Elsmore for the tent and sleeping bags! We're glad we finally got to use 'em!
 Squire enjoying his hot chocolate, and little sneak peek of the campsite.
Below: Our little buggy friend we found when packing up the tent.
 So, this trip was my first time fishing. And guess what?!...
I caught a fish!!! Can you believe the crazed look in my eyes? I think I look like I'm 12. I was so excited and surprised to catch one!
My fish had such a red belly! He was too cute, I had to let him swim free. As for Squire, well, he caught a stick that looked a lot like a fish!
The view was nice on the lake (more like a glorified pond if you asked me, but still very nice.)
We also did a little hike/nature walk together. It was very rewarding for how low impact it was.
Now its back to work, school and studying. But, it was such a pleasant diversion from the daily grind.


  1. I am glad you had so much fun.

  2. Nate and I tried to go up to maple lake about a month ago. But it was closed still because of the snow. I'm glad to see that its open now and it looks beautiful. We'll have to head out there soon I guess.

  3. That looks like fun, reminds me of our first and only camping trip alone with Steve before the kids...that pizza looks amazing! I would never think to cook pizza in a dutch oven!



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