Sunday, May 16, 2010

Embracing Life

Several of you already know this, but I received my new calling in my new singles ward: Sacrament Meeting "Prelude" Pianist. (That's right, not Sacrament meeting pianist, Sacrament meeting Prelude pianist. : ) )  When Squire extended the call to me, I laughed, quite loudly. I expected a calling where I would be utilized more for what I uniquely bring to the ward as a married student (like teaching Temple prep or the Marriage Prep/Relationship class), but I've decided to embrace this calling for all its worth. The last couple of nights I have practiced for a couple hours. I'm reminded how much I have missed just sitting at the piano, singing, playing, listening. I love music and I have been so busy this last year that I have only been playing a few times a month - almost always just a hymn on the spot for a ward council, Stake Relief Society meeting, etc. It is so good to really play again.  It's nice to know if I have a crazy week, I'll be able to still fulfill my calling in a decent manner. But, this calling also gives me the opportunity to really improve my piano playing skills. I'm going to start working on some of the nicer piano solos, and the prelude chains. Know of any good sheet music I could buy?
Also, Squire and I have really been trying to implement more fresh fruits and vegetables into our diet. We were inspired by Slow Food Utah, and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I have had so much more time recently to just cook and sit down to eat delicious, home-prepared, fresh food. It has helped to refresh my mind and body. I love exploring with new recipes, and dreaming up what I'll cook next. I love being back in the kitchen again.
This, is the HFAC (Harris Fine Arts Center) on BYU's campus. This is where we'll be attending church for the next year. I'm already missing my married student ward. I'm sad that the ward will probably change so much over the next year, that by the time I return in a year they'll all be asking me if I'm new in the ward. That will probably be the case, but I've decided to just do the best I can in my situation. I'm going to have old friends over for dinner, while attending everything I possibly can in my married and singles ward. Squire will be conducting sacrament meeting for the first time today. He will also be set apart, and will be extending and setting apart lots of ward members this Sunday. Cheers to new experiences! I'm so grateful for all of the experiences we've had to serve and learn at BYU. What a unique opportunity. I've served as an Activities Committee Co-Chair, a Ward Organist, a Relief Society President. Squire has served as a Ward Financial Clerk, a Ward Clerk, and now a 2nd Counselor in  Bishopric. Where else would a 22 and 25 year old have had the opportunity to serve in so my large capacities at such young ages? As my last Summer as a BYU student comes to a close, the school's creed, "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve" has been on my mind. I'm excited for what BYU has been preparing us to do in the future - whatever that may be.
This semester I am taking a creative writing class, just for the fun of it. I love writing again. I can't remember the last time I just sat down to write narratives or poetry. All of the writing I have done over the past several years at BYU has almost exclusively been in a research paper format. I love indulging in the craft of writing again.
My best friend just got engaged about a week ago. I'm excited to be taking a trip to LA for her sealing at the end of the Summer. While there, I'll be able to visit my sweet Granny too! So much to celebrate!
Squire will be taking the MCAT on May 27th. He has been taking work off, and the Spring term as well, just to study! His score on this test will determine much of our future. He has been working so hard. I know he is going to rock it.We are planning to celebrate by taking a day trip to Salt Lake, going to our favorite Indian restaurant for lunch, trying a new one for dinner and staying in the Anniversary Inn for a night. We can't wait for our romantic getaway.

Life is good in the Hepworth home. We are in love and embracing all that life has to offer, together. We are grateful for so many things. But, I've got to get going. I've got to be to church early today so I can do some "preluding".  : )


  1. Awh! So glad to hear you guys are doing well. Of course the ward won't forget you! (can't promise that it won't change some though. . .) You're on our list for dinner rotation. We'll be seeing you!

  2. Jamie it's an honor to have your husband in the Bishopric, the things he will learn. It speaks highly of the man you married to be called into the Bishopric at BYU. Enjoy the prelude pianist, because your life is going to be filled with service. You've always had awesome potential and leadership skills, I saw that in you when you were in YW's.
    Opportunities are plentiful when you live in the mission field too. We found that out living in Omaha. Ha! Enjoy! I wish we had a prelude pianist...I think I'll mention it to the Bishop,my husband.

  3. Thanks for the update! Sounds like a nice time. I would love to re-live my college years, it was a great time. Although now is great too, I miss BYU-land.

  4. I am So jealous, I wish I was the prelude pianist! Who is your best friend getting married in la?

  5. @ Ruthy: Yes! We can't wait!
    @ Sherece: My Freshman roommate Kristen Robinson. : )

  6. Hey Jami! I was just catching up on your blog, and when I read about your new calling, our good friend's music came to mind. She was in our stake in Colorado, and is an INCREDIBLE arranger/composer who has some beautiful arrangements of hymns. All her sheet music is available to download for free. Her website is Good luck with everything! We miss you guys!



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