Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back to the Single's Ward...

Squire and I will be heading back to the single's ward as of next week. Squire just received the call to serve as the 2nd Counselor in a Single's ward Bishopric! I also got released as my ward's Relief Society President today. So, we have lots of changes ahead of us. We will be the only young married student couple in the ward. We expect some lonely and awkward experiences, as well as some good opportunities to serve. I'm not quite sure what my responsibilities as the bishopric member's wife will be. I will be asking for a calling so I can contribute in a more concrete way. Either way, it is something new for us both! We are nervous and excited for this change. Mostly we just hope we'll still be able to keep our married friends while we go to the single's ward for the next year. Our ward will consist of mostly freshman and sophomore aged girls, and freshly returned missionaries looking for wives. Has anyone else served in a capacity like this before? Suggestions are welcome! : )


  1. Have fun with that! I have a friend who's husband is doing the same thing. When she was pregnant she got a lot of awkward looks and questions until everybody realized she was married to the guy in the bishopric. :)

  2. Watch out Squire you might have to be fighting off the RM'S from hitting on your hot wife! Thanks for that video, so funny!



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