Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Resilient Little Plant

We in the Hepworth home are known for our ability of killing house plants. Despite our efforts to nourish them, most don't last more than 10 days. But we were given a plant and it just won't die! It was so beautiful and in full bloom with bright red flowers when we recieved it, but we just got so busy with school and alas we neglected to water it for 2 months. And being in our dark basement bedroom with scant real sunlight it was a goner for sure. But when I actually found time to give it a little water and stick it in the sunnier kitchen lighting it started to sprout bright new green leaves, and lots of them! So I was excited and I would water it almost everyday, and I would also take it outside during the day time for it to get some nice early Spring sun. I had to bring it inside in the evening when it would get colder, but one night I forgot it outside and the little guy froze! It was so sad! His little leaves got all wilty, but I thought he still might be okay. So I continued to take it outside, and the next day I forgot it out in the cold again! It looked like it might be okay for a while, but no--it was definitely dying :( It began to shrivel up, and get big dark brown splotches all over its stem. So in our dejected state we didn't water it for two weeks because it was for sure a goner this time. But what did we see yesterday?! A tiny little new set of bright green leaves! I can't believe how tough this little plant is. I don't even know what kind of plant it is, but it is remarkable. I promise not to neglect you anymore little plant. Hopefully this summer helps you grow strong and flourish again (and perhaps it won't kill you if I forget and don't bring you inside at night)!


  1. What a good little plant! We have a plant like that that we've had since we were first married. At the moment, it's doing wonderful. Josiah really wanted to throw it away once, but I refused to let him do it. Crazy guy! Anyway, I think that EVERYBODY has to have a plant like that.

  2. Squire was thinking about throwing away the plant because he thought it was completely dead, but I had a gut feeling it would make it, so I kept buggin' him to water and take care of it and look at it now! : ) Well, it still has a ways to go...



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