Sunday, February 21, 2010

Staches and Cashes

Here is a delightful photo of us at the Stake Valentines dance. I wasn't expecting much, but it was actually really fun! Got to love a good "stache".
Squire's parents came up to Provo and stayed with us for a night this last weekend. I know our faces are a little cut off, but trust me, it's difficult to get 4 people in one picture without a photographer! It was fun to visit with Squire's family. (What do you think - does Squire's mustache at the Valentine's Dance look like his dad's? ; ) The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!)We are getting more involved with our Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University every day! We have started doing his envelope system, and I decorated jars for some separate savings funds. : ) It is awesome! We love the feeling of being in control of our money instead of it controlling us.
I made a double batch of home-made pizza, but I didn't realize that my bowl wasn't big enough for the dough until about 45 minutes after I kneaded it! : ) But, just like this dough, our "dough" is ever-growing as we are attacking our financial challenges with "Gazelle intensity". (Ok, so that analogy was a little corny, but still kind of cute - right? : ) )


  1. I love your costumes (and your catchy title)! Fun to have family come visit, I wish mine would come visit me... all the time! I have to get on this Dave Ramsey thing, it's all the buzz. Have you checked out Katie's coupon blog? It's been helping me a lot with my budget. Mostly because there's so much fun stuff you can get for free or cheap you can still "blow money" but feel like all your frivolous needs are being met. :)

  2. Ok, I've got a jar that I've been sticking all of my rebates in. I TOTALLY need to deck it out like you did yours! Don't the envelope and jar systems work so well? I look so happily at my jar every time I open the fridge! Good for you guys!!!

    LOVE the picture! You guys look so cute!

  3. Love the costumes...what was the theme for your V-day party! I wish we were better at budgets! Good job guys!



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