Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Plastic Surgery

Do you remember this guy? This is Dave Ramsey. He's the nice guy who gave us a free Financial Peace University Home Study Kit before Christmas. We went through the "Dumbing Debt" lesson for FHE last night and were inspired to do this...

This is what Dave likes to call "Plastic Surgery".

Yes those are the only two credit cards we own and those scissors are real.

This is what they look like now:

We're pretty excited about this. : )


  1. Do you have any remorse the morning after??

  2. None whatsoever. We just feel more committed to live within our budget, and to save for our baby. It is slightly scary to know we don't have our credit cards to fall back on, but that's why Dave has you set an emergency fund in place before you do the "plastic surgery." : ) We're pumped up!! Next thing going down - my student loans!!

  3. I think you guys know that we love Dave. Good job! We sort of had a Dave break for Christmas. SORT OF. we spent stupidly in ways like eating out, etc. But I really found great Christmas present deals. Anyway, we're back on the horse and our budget has been going well this month. May the force be with you!

    Oh, hey! I know that this sounds a little wimpy, but you may want to start a little savings budget for food for your first trimester. Josiah had to do the shopping/"cooking" (sometimes this was a pizza or whatever) sometimes and we spent extra in the month that I was especially sick. We're going to set up this budget for next baby because it was the same with Georgie. Just an idea!

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