Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Hepworth Family is Expanding!!!

That's right - I'm expecting! I am 10 weeks along and I am due August 7th. Squire and I found out on December 16th - which is the day we had our first kiss two years ago! : ) (Just look what kissin' leads to... ; ) )We are so excited to bring our little baby Hepworth into the world.

Here's the proof for any of you skeptics out there!

For any of you who are curious, yes, it was planned! We originally planned to have a baby as soon as I finished Graduate school, but Heavenly Father let us know that the time for Baby Hepworth was now - not in 2 1/2 more years. So, we are busy planning on how we can scrimp and save for the next 7 months to come up with enough for this baby. We are a little nervous but we know God will help us to make it out alright.

Here are some of the pennies we are scrimping. We have started to pay cash for many things and we always save our change in a huge glass jar. You'd be surprised how fast change can add up! : )

For any of you out there nervous about finances for a baby, or just because, we are currently doing this awesome program through Dave Ramsey called, Financial Peace University. We actually won the home study kit from him before Christmas and have gone through just a couple lessons, but he gives great old-fashioned advice about money saving/investing/etc. We heartily recommend his stuff!

Anyways, even though we are a little nervous we are just mostly excited. We can't wait to be parents and to see our baby! It's been amazing reading all about how the baby grows each week. For now, we are just hoping our little kumquat-sized baby continues to grow. We will keep you updated as things progress! : )


  1. Congrats! That's so exciting!!

  2. Yay! That's so exciting! Congratulations!

  3. yay jami. i am so excited for you! i hope the pregnancy goes well. when do you graduate with your undergrad?

    ps. a baby and gradschool are possible at the same time. my sister in law had a baby about 3 weeks ago, and granted she hasn't started grad school yet, but she's planning on starting a part time program in the fall so she can do both.

    good luck!

  4. That's great! I'm excited for you!

  5. COngrats Jami! I am so excited for you!
    Emilie Carpenter

  6. Jami! I didn't get a chance to talk to you at church, but I wanted to say congratulations!!! You will be such a wonderful mom, and I can tell you from experience that the Lord will bless you so much (financially and otherwise) for being willing to take this step. We are so excited for you! Hope you are feeling well!

  7. Babies are pretty cheap the first year or two...it is when they get older! So breastfeed (free) and know (because I tested this theory the other day) that 1 "Huggies" diaper can hold all the pee from a 17 month old from 8pm-4pm the following day (and probably more)! That is 20hrs in 1 diaper! AMAZING!!! (this of course was not intended negligence, just a busy toddler and a busier mommy!)

  8. Haha! That's hilarious Sherecey. Squire keeps telling me that the 12-18lb. diapers hold 12-18lbs. of poop. Well, if that's the case, he'll be the one changing the diapers. ; )



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