Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Happenings...

On Thanksgiving Day I finally got to meet Squire's brother Larry. He was so nice to have around with his Texas charm.

This Thanksgiving, we did our own thing. We had dinner with another couple in our ward. It was really nice. I even made my very first turkey!!! Squire loved it! Here's the evidence of it's beauty:

Thanksgiving evening we decided to decorate the house! I'm so excited for Christmas to be here!

Squire cut down a tree for us on Saturday. Isn't it cute?! : ) We are going to try to do popcorn strands like we did last year...if we have the time. This is doubtful with our crazy semester coming to an end. Only a couple more weeks though. Just gotta survive!

When we went to Kennecott Copper mine, we looked in their gift shop and found these awesome nativities that were hand carved out of Olive tree wood from Bethlehem. But, we decided not to buy the big one and to just get the small ornament instead to save some money. Well, it turns out Squire drove all the way back to Kennecott the next day and bought the nativity for me! He's had it for months and gave it to me Thansgiving night after we finished decorating. What a thoughtful husband I have!

We are finally insured on Costco's employee insurance so I was able to get some new glasses - It only cost $35 for the glasses/contact exam and my new pair of glasses! Pretty cool huh? : )

My glasses have some rhinestones on the side. A little more showy than I usually am, but heck - life's too short to not have rhinestones on your glasses, right? : )

Today, November 30th is actually the 2 year anniversary of Squire's and my very first date. On our first date, Squire made me this yummy Italian dish called "Cotoletta". It's pretty much like German Schnitzel. It is very good. Our tradition on this special day for us is to eat the dinner Squire made for us on our first date. Thanks for the dinner love - I'm glad we have been together for 2 years now!!

The Hepworth family - still livin' and lovin' our life together!

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