Sunday, November 15, 2009

All around wonderful...

I just want to share a few stories about the man I love - he is so good for me and to me!

So, Squire picked me up from work one evening and told me when I got in the car that he had a big surprise for me when we got home. When we walked in the house he told me, "Don't go in to the kitchen just sit here on the couch!" When he came back he had a phone book with him. He let me observe it for a few moments to make sure that it was indeed just a normal phonebook - and then he took it back and ripped it in half!! When I went into the kitchen I found several phonebooks ripped in half covering the kitchen table!! Is that hilarious or what?! I love my husband. He makes me laugh.

Friday night I came home from work to a clean house, and this delicious dinner. What a wonderful feeling and a conscientious husband! : )

Also, today was a scary/fun day as I spoke in my Stake Conference! My topic was "Service fosters Love, and Love fosters Service". I shared some of my own personal experiences as well as some of the Savior from the scriptures. I think it turned out well. Mostly I am just relieved that I did it and that I don't have to do again, at least for a while. : ) I am especially grateful for Squire who gave me a Priesthood blessing the evening before. He was so good to listen and talk with me about ideas for my talk from the day I received the assignment to speak until today when I gave it.

Thank you for all you do Squire! You make me happy. : )

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  1. So THAT'S what I need to do with the phone books once they expire! Give them to Josiah to rip in half. Cool! You guys are awesome!



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