Thursday, October 1, 2009

BYU Mate Selection/Redneck Weekend

I just found out today that my child development professor is willing to mentor me on my latest venture! I did a study on 520 BYU students last year to see how attractive they found a potential mate based on his/her major. I also asked the participants being surveyed about the importance of their getting a higher education and/or high-paying career as well as their spouse. The results are fascinating!! I am hoping to work on it this semester and next, and to get it published in BYU studies before I graduate if possible. I am so excited though! This will be a fun and really valuable experience for me to have before grad school, assuming I get in...

Here is a picture of my Autumn wreath hanging from our front door! Squire loves plaid, and let me know he approved of the ribbon when I brought it home tonight. : )

Squire will be leaving this weekend to break in his new fishing pole. He and a few other guys are going up to Flaming Gorge this weekend for a fishing/camping trip. They plan on listening to conference on the radio, and on going to watch Priesthood at the little church in town. Hope he catches some fish! Sad that he won't be here when Jeremy and his friend come tomorrow though! I'm excited to see you Jer! : )

As you can see, Squire is very excited to use his new lures. ; )


  1. Looks like you're going to have fun Squire.

  2. Cool project Jami. Squire, you look a little... well, have fun fishing!

  3. Squire, you're scaring everybody!! Jami, that's awesome! Keep us all updated!



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