Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Harvest on 9-9-09

Our landlords gave us a little plot to garden on this Summer - so nice and fun! Squire is the one who has really done everything for the garden this Summer, but I got to help him dig up the first thing we've been able to actually eat - red potatoes! I cooked them in little olive oil with garlic, fresh onion, rosemary, and some Parmesan cheese - so yummy! : )

Look at the little potato buds! They are actually pretty yummy all by themselves!

We found this little guy hiding in one of the leaves of our landlord's zucchini plant...

Our little cantaloupe is growing! Hopefully it gets big enough to eat before it gets too cold here!

Our pumpkin is ready to pick! We will be eating this with one of my favorite of Squire's recipes: Dinner in a Pumpkin! I will share this recipe with you very soon... : )

Can you believe all that plant?! We still have three more to pick from later. : )

The spoils... They have such a pretty rich color!

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  1. Congratulations! We have grown a few tiny tomatoes that Levi likes to pull off and eat outside. Everything else I planted is still pretty much the same size as the day I planted it. Thanks for the recipes, I want to try them out!



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