Friday, August 28, 2009

One Great Time, "One" Great Anniversary...

So, we have been busy celebrating our one year anniversary, visiting family, and playing in Disneyland the last week. Here is a recap with pictures of all of our adventures...

Don't eat it all at once! Squire attempting to gnaw off a chunk of our one-year anniversary cake. It was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The fondant was a little wet, but overall, the cake was surprisingly flavorful and moist. Thanks for storing it for us for most of the year mom!

For our anniversary I got Squire a new fishing pole - an Ugly Stick. Supposedly they are really good ones. Hope he brings in some dinner!! ; )

Squire got me my very first piece of authentic Polish pottery! She is called a "Cheese lady". She can be used for cheese balls for holiday gatherings, or even as a butter dish. For now, she is acting as my latest display in my cute kitchen cabinet. : )

Squire bought me this bouquet of beautiful flowers that I am now attempting to dry because I knew they would die while we were gone, and I wanted to appreciate them much longer. : ) Do you see the "broccoli" (green button mums) as Jeremy called them a year ago? We had some of those mixed in the arrangements, and in the boutonnieres on our wedding day.

On the drive to Palmdale, the car was soooo hot!! We need to get the AC charged, because our car only blows in lukewarm air. Of course our heater works great, but that is no good on 9 hour drive in 100+ degree weather! So, we spent a lot of time sweating in a hot car, then driving with the windows down to cool ourselves with the turbulent winds from driving at 85MPH. My hair did some funny things...

On the way, we made a stop in St.George. Squire's grandparents Hepworth were actually working as temple workers while we came to visit. They were busy inside the temple, but they did let us stop inside their nice little apartment for a snack and a break. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Hepworth!!

While in St.George, we stopped for lunch at this charming little cafe. What a fun little place! We had Gyros and a butterfinger shake.

This picture is just as flattering as can be! Please don't comment on the plaid moo-moo thing I am wearing. I forgot to bring Jammies, and Granny decided graciously to gift this little beauty to me. ; ) I like this picture though, because it shows our Shanks/Elsmore tradition - of all of us piling on the bed to talk. So fun! : )

We don't really have any pictures from Disneyland except for this one. I'm sure my family will post a slide show on their blog soon. We had an amazing time! Thanks Mom and Dad!! This pic tells a story. This is a photo of Squire's very first time riding Splash mountain (it was also his very first time to Disneyland as well!). I am plugging my nose because I decided not to wear a poncho - you never get that wet on Splash Mountain anyway, right? I am also trying to cover my white blouse from getting more soaked than it already was by this point. I have never gotten sooo wet on this ride!! It was a good laugh though.

These are a couple pictures with my little Granny Shanks at her "Enchanted cottage" as I always called her home in Palmdale, CA. We love you Gran! We had such a good time visiting with you and Grandpa!

This is kind of random, but on our way home from Palmdale, we found this cave. I don't know why we got this in our heads, but we decided to explore it a little! We probably went about 600-700 feet inside before I got too nervous and told Squire it was time to go. We had fun going in by the light of our cell phones. Squire brought a bunch of rocks and kept throwing them in the dark corners of the walls to scare away any "rattlas" that might have been hiding. He did all his exploring with his best Steve Erwin impression. What a funny husband I have! : ) P.S. We just realized Squire actually had his head lamp in the car all along and forgot - such a disappointment!

We saw this little guy crawling on the wall on our way out! Can you spot him?!

And that's a wrap! Squire and I start school on Monday - so sad! This Summer has just flown by. I wish I had more time to relax and collect myself before school starts, but two days will just have to be enough! : ) I can't believe I will graduate in just two more semesters, and Squire in 4! It just seems like yesterday that I was attending BYU's new student orientation...which is now going on on campus. Good times. Love you all. Hope your August ends well!


  1. Man, I love that tradition. We all do it too. :) BTW, I think you look HOTT in that moo-moo.

  2. Way too fun. I'm seriously laughing and almost crying just thinking of all the pillow talk and missing it! SO sad that I missed the most recent session. I agree with Rick. Ooolala to the moomoo!



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