Saturday, August 15, 2009

May the better ice cream win!


There is a fierce debate going on in the Hepworth home. Which ice cream brand is better? (Which should we buy next?) We figured the only way to settle this was to post a poll. So...


  1. I've gotta say, I'm an ice cream snob. I LOVE BREYERS!!! Besides, if you find a good deal, there's a coupon here (, so you'll get an even better deal! I found it for 2.50 a half gallon at Target. Ended up being 4.00 for both! Woohoo coupons!

  2. Don't listen to Katie, she doesn't know what she's talkin' about! Dreyers is smooth and creamy. Yum! Breyers is like... disgusting! Not really, it's very good too, but I prefer the taste and feel of Dreyers.



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