Monday, May 25, 2009

Life in the Hepworth Home...

Here is a picture of the handsome man I married a little over 9 months ago. I'm such a lucky girl!

This is Squire busy working on a shoe rack. Just one of the many "Honey-Dos" on his list! ; )

We had a Stake Enrichment activity on making homemade bread and being more self-reliant. I already knew how to make bread but they shared a recipe with me I had never used before. I have decided to start making all our bread from scratch to save us money and to keep us a bit healthier. It's only 77-cents a loaf and it tastes awesome! (Especially with homemade honey butter! 1/2 cup butter and 1/3 cup honey.)

Here is a picture of Boogie fish sucking on the wall of our fish tank. Several of our fish died from a parasite, so we waited for it to pass (because we couldn't treat the water with the frogs in the tank) and bought three new females for the tank to be friends with our other three guppies who survived! Their names are Dreamy (because she looks like an orange dreamsicle, Kallie - she matches Lord Kelvin, and our favorite - Shanks (because she is a feisty little fish and was pretty difficult for the lady at the pet store to catch. ; )

We are super busy right now - which would explain why we haven't really posted anything substantial in the last while. But, a lot of things have happened the last month. I have been working my job at Costco in the Bakery and going to school full-time for the Spring/Summer terms. Squire is working full-time for the Professor he was doing research for during the school year. He is also taking care of most all the housework (I'm sorry babe!) just because I am hardly home these days! We also got new callings! I was called as my ward Relief Society president a few weeks ago and Squire got called as our Ward Clerk! They are so much work but we are excited to learn as we serve. It is pretty nice that we go to most all the same meetings and can sit next to each other though! If anyone has tips on serving in either one of our capacities, they would be greatly be appreciated! : ) One thing I did do for my Relief Society was to make a cute fitted tablecloth for our table in the R.S. room. I will post a picture whenever I get a chance in the near future. : )

We hope all is well with you all!


  1. Wow Relief Society Pres! That's awesome. You don't need any advice, you'll mour ake a great one! I need your bread recipe, I just can't seem to get that one figured out, I've tried a few different recipes and they all fail! UGH!!

  2. I love the fish names, especially the last one! :)

    I guess condolences are in order, for your new callings. Ha ha! I'm sure you guys will be great and figure out a balance, it's just tough to have major responsibilities all the time - and both of you at the same time. Good luck! And advice: Set the bar low, then you won't have to do too much. ;)

  3. I like that advice. Very original. I haven't heard that one yet Rick! : )

  4. I would say that you need to remember that you have a very young and developing family and you guys are establishing your foundation right now. So be grateful for the blessings that will come your way for serving, enjoy and focus on the good and successful things that you will each do in your callings, prioritize and Rick's advise is great. Set the bar low! Josiah and I had a time when we each had two major callings (I was primary chorister and Sunbeam teacher and he was a seminary teacher and in the YM presidency) and it got a little hairy sometimes. Sometimes you have to spend a little less time on a lesson and study for school, or spend time with each other. Don't feel guilty when you have to make that decision! It'll make you a less stressed out RS president and you'll be better able to enjoy it. In my own humble opinion!!! Good luck, and cute fishy names! Nice bread, too!

  5. Also, good job on the Honey-Dos Squire. We wives really appreciate completion of those lists!!

  6. Yes, post your bread recipe.
    You're one lucky woman to have a man that does the "Honey Do List". Isn't it great!

  7. Tips on being a RS President.....DELEGATE!!!



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