Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Newest Member(s) of the Hepworth Family!...

Drum roll please....No! Squire and I are not pregnant - we just purchased our first two pets as a married couple! They are named Finn and Pearl. They are African Dwarf frogs and they are soo adorable. They have been enjoying getting acclimated to their new surroundings as we've decorated their tank with a fun little stone house, arches and live plants. The water is mostly clear, but still a little cloudy because of the special gravel we had to buy for the plants to stay alive and grow. We didn't want to wait any longer for the water to clear up before we shared them with you all - so here they are!

This is Pearl (She's starting to shed)

This is Finn. He is always swimming laps around the tank!

They love to swim through and hang out in the plants.

This is the full aquarium view. We'll try to get a better pic when the water's more clear.

Pearl on the left, Finn on the right.

Me looking at our frogs for hours on end.This is Squire's and my new entertainment system.

This is their little hut.

Swimming to the top for air.


  1. Congratulations on the new additions to your family. :) They're cute... for frogs!

  2. What? For frogs?! Frogs are adorable! : ) Thank you Ricki.

  3. Fun new pets. You had some of those in your room as I recall for a long time. :-)

  4. I think those were my favorite family pets!! They really are fun to watch...much more fun than fish!



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