Thursday, March 19, 2009

Supporting Young Entrepreneurship in America

Squire and I had a heart-warming experience today. We went to get our rings cleaned by the Goldsmith who made our rings. As we were leaving, we saw three girls who were having some sort of sale. One of the girls was holding up a blue sign made from a couple of pieces of paper taped together that had some writing in pencil on it. (We couldn't read a word!) But, remembering our own childhood endeavors of trying to sell lemonade on the street corner and golf balls to golfers, we decided to turn back around and see what the girls were selling.
After looking at their small assortment of old Plastic ponies, Barbies, Bratz, and McDonald's toys, and "TIME for kids" leaflet magazines, we decided to buy two of the TIME leaflets (One on Barack to see if TIME is already indoctrinating the young ones - the article was fair by the way, but the name Maliya was written several times on the cover.) and a McDonald's toy that had a floating penguin. The magazines were 50 cents each and the toy was 25 cents. The girls were sooo excited and surprised that we stopped, and that we actually bought some things from them. They told us that we were their first customers! We asked them, "How long have you girls been out here?" "Three days," they said. We couldn't help but give them an extra $1.25 for a tip to reward their perseverance.
Then, when we were getting in the car one of the girls ran after us saying, "Wait! Wait! If you're wearing green you get a ticket for the raffle for a free bike!" Needless to say, we now have two small pieces of homework paper, with 2nd grade handwriting "Ticket" on the top of each of them. We asked them how we would know if we had won the bike. They told us to come back every day to see if we had won.
Heart-warming and rending, tender, innocent, sweet and funny - all of those things rolled up in one experience. Hope you enjoyed it too. : )


  1. I told your mom and brother that my boyfriend served in the same mission as your husband! We were looking at your blog and he recognized Squire! We thought that was funny. :)


  2. Awww!! That is so sweet! Let us know if you win the raffle. ;)



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