Friday, March 13, 2009

Costco Roadshows, Coconuts, Computers, and Candles/Cake/Celebration!!

We have had several fun events happen the last couple of weeks. I got a job selling swimsuits for the company Diviine Modestee ( at different Costcos around the area for their roadshow and today will be my first day at work!
Here we have some pictures of Squire's success with getting the meat and water out of a coconut - it was his first time!

It was Squire's 24th Birthday yesterday! We celebrated with yummy food all day and a confetti cake that was covered with candles!

And finally, here is a picture of our new desktop and printer. We love it! It's about 100x's faster than our laptop. We are just in the process of transfering the info from our laptop to our desktop, and then we will sell if for parts to whoever wants it and can do something with it!


  1. Looks like a great day all around, Happy Bday Squire! We ♥ U!

  2. YOYO Squire!!!! Happy Birthday! Also, here's a message from Georgie who is desperately trying to get the keyboard... h g mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cccc t bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbd ...she liked the space button. You look gorgeous in green, Jami!!

  3. Happy Birthday Squire! That looks like a delicious meal. Good luck and have fun with the job, Jami, it sounds fun!

  4. And I'm so excited to get a swimming suit from you! Partay at Costco



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