Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Fun

Happy Valentine's Day 2009 everybody! I hope you all had a fantastic and love-filled day. Squire and I had fun with this being our first Valentine's Day married. I made Squire heart-shaped sausage and egg English muffins with bacon for breakfast, and hid love notes all over the house (he still hasn't found them all!...hee hee!) And Squire made me the most amazing dinner!!! He made this awesome Indian Lamb dish in a dutch oven with cumin rice. He even made the Indian flat bread "Naan" from scratch! To finish off the day, I tried my hand at decorating cupcakes. What do you think? : )


  1. Sounds fun! Way to go Squire, sounds like a good dinner. Love the cakes.

    We had a fun day too. Started out with a 3 hour primary activity I had to go to. I came home to flowers and a 3 foot long body pillow. Then the 3 of us went to see a kid movie for Levi which was way fun. Then a 3 hour nap. And then a steak dinner I made (first time making steak and it was... amazing!). It's getting late but what's V-Day without a decadent dessert, so maybe I'll go make one!

  2. Way cute cupcakes! I'm already (I know, way early) thinking about what to do for Georgie's first birthday cake. I think I want to involve cupcakes, and I REALLY like your swirly ones. Maybe I'll do a bunch of different ones. Thanks for the idea, Jami!

  3. aaahhhh...sounds so romantic! Love the cupcakes!



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