Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Simpsonizing" Poncho...

Last weekend, Squire's car died, so we have been without a car going on two weeks now. (My car is also having issues.) So, since we live too far away from campus, I have been riding my bike to campus everyday. Yesterday however, it was raining and hailing, and trying to plan ahead, I thought - I can wear that poncho I got for free from "Lucky" when I bought a pair of pants with them two years ago! Well, it turns out that the inner layer of yellow plastic also has a lot of yellow dust that stains the clothing, face and hands of the poncho-wearer. My clothes are in the process of being washed right now I can't be sure if my clothes are ruined yet. However, I can say that I looked like a simpson when I took my poncho off only to realize that my hands clothes and face were all dirtied with yellow stuff! These pictures aren't that great, so you'll have to just trust me on this one, but you can check out my simpsonized self by checking the link below. : ) Just learn this one from me - always check your poncho before you wear it...better yet, don't ever wear a poncho. It looks really dorky, especially when worn with a big backpack underneath that makes you look like a hunchback.

Me as a simpson...


  1. Love it! I hope you get the lovely pigment out and your things aren't ruined. We had a great time with you guys! Thanks for your wonderful hospitality.

  2. i think you look hot as a simpson!

  3. Jami if y'all need a ride anywhere let us know! we live so close!

  4. I've gotta say, you are a cute little Simpson! You need to Simpsonize Squire. Who wants to be a loner Simpson? When getting those mustard-like baby poo stains out, I discovered Baby Oxiclean. Yes, I've probably spent almost as much on that stuff as the clothes I'm saving, but that stuff WORKS!! Try it if your clothes don't get completely clean.



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