Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BPC Submission

I didn't really know what I was doing, and it was far from perfect, but I decided to enter a business plan to BYU's annual Business Plan competition for my jewelry business! Thanks to Jeremy Leishman who suggested I submit. I geared my plan toward the home-based award which is $5,000. I don't know if I'll win, but it was worth a shot right? : ) Plus, I got a cool free t-shirt for entering. I live the good life!

P.S. You may have noticed, but I changed my business name from JewelerybyJami to Jewelry4Chicks. : ) Jeremy (my brother Jeremy) and I are working on putting a nicer website together right now. I design the graphics, and he does all the hard work!


  1. So Cool Jami, Good Luck! I like the new name too!

  2. I REALLY like the pic with your new name. Everyone at the shower kept saying how beautiful the baby bracelet was. Even the dad likes the bracelet!! Thanks again! It was perfect. Good luck!

  3. Oh good! I'm so glad both the mom and dad liked it! Thanks for the little infomercial on your blog too Katie. :)
    It is much appreciated.

  4. Yay! Jeremy and I think you have a really good chance of winning, and definitely think you should win (biased)! :)



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