Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tie Memorabilia

Someone, I can't remember who, but someone in our ward suggested that I frame the tie that I picked for Squire and I to go on our first blind date. I thought it was a cute idea, and that the bare wall to the right of our main window in our living room could use a little something. So, I made this to fill the space. : ) Squire likes to tell me he'll be wearing the tie next Sunday just about every week.


  1. That's pretty cool. Where do you get the cool backgrounds for your blog?

  2. We find our backgrounds on Just look up backgrounds and then they are listed under free backgrounds. :)

  3. Nice catch up posts, Jami. I was wondering where you went, but knew you were busy. Christmas tree & decs, jewelry, curtains, everything is done so nicely! Really like the shirt/short/sock look Squire was sporting! I'm excited to start putting you guys' quilt together. I got it cut out before all the holiday madness and can now start sewing it! Funny thing. Saw the 1st picture with the baby, you & Squire and was thinking that the baby looked just like Georgie! It was Georgie! I do have adorable grandkiddos, if I do say so myself!!!.......Auntie Sheryl

  4. I was wearing that awesome outfit because I had cactus needles in my pants.

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