Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Facts about Me...

1. My freshman year at BYU, my roommates made up a big bag of chocolate chip cookie dough for finals week. We really enjoyed it - and we never actually baked a single cookie either!

2. I get stressed out and think the second coming is going to happen any second when I listen to Glenn Beck.

3. I'm proud to be 50's type housewife - I cook, clean, sew my own curtains, try to look cute for my husband when he comes home, and I will be my babies' Mommy when we have them!

4. I love it when Squire makes the bed for us, but I am a little OCD - I stress out if the green pillows are in front of the gold pillows and change it as soon as he leaves the bedroom.

5. I dream in German sometimes.

6. It is my dream to someday have my own "throwing room" with a pottery wheel and kiln, so we never have to buy dishes and I can give really original Christmas gifts. : )

7. I am born on a leap-year AND I'm left handed! What are the odds of that?!

I tag Ricki and Sherecy!


  1. Awesome facts! I don't usually do tags, Jamers, but for you I will try! :) I'm the same way about making the bed.

  2. I loveed reading those random facts about you, Jami! I'd love to be a friend on your blog. My address is



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