Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Time!

Squire and I cut down our own fresh tree this year on our way back from Page. (We went to Page, AZ to see Squire's family for Thanksgiving.) The funny thing about our tree as you can see from these pictures, is that our tree split into two trees when it grew. When we cut off some of the bottom of the tree to make it fit and to give it a freshly cut bottom for drinking, we realized that really just had two trees growing out of one stump! Squire had to do some fancy cutting and we had to tie it together with turned out in the end. : ) We also have pictures of some of our Christmas decorations. I sewed a tree skirt for us for our first Christmas, and I made a cute little cranberry, walnut & pine sprig "floral" arrangement to replace the spring flowers on our kitchen table (Thanks for the idea Mom!), and sewed the red table covering it's sitting on. Also, this year, since we don't really have ornaments for our tree, so we made them all! We made dried orange slices, spray-painted walnuts gold, made cinnamon applesauce stars, mini-cranberry wreaths (which turned into craisin wreaths a little too quickly) and we strung popcorn strings for hours! We had a wonderful first Christmas together. We went down to Reno and had a great time with my family.

Also, Squire restained the piano bench, and I reapolstered it. The before pic is on the top, and the after is on the bottom. We think it looks like a new piano now! Well, almost... : )


  1. I love all your pictures! Cute decorations, house, curtains, etc, etc. I especially like Squire's shorts (in the picture with the tree and saw)! :)

  2. How fun. Your tree looks really nice. I've made a cranberry popcorn chain once (one big long chain.) It took me a really long time that I'm not sure if I'm ever going to make another. I do love popcorn chains though. Love the curtains and all of your creative holiday decorations. You guys seem to get a lot of projects done. I've been meaning to do a lot of refinishing furniture but it never gets done. I have a nightstand that's just half sanded for almost 3 years now that I use. Pretty lame. All of your projects make me feel motivated to get some done of my own. Maybe I can make that my New Year's resolution.



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