Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our First Place...

Here are some pictures of the decorating projects Squire and I have been working on for our little basement apartment. I am so excited to decorate my own home. So far, things are lookin' good! I am kind of basing the feeling of my living room off of the awesome bowl Sheila Heims got me for my bridal shower and my sweet DI couch. One big project we are working on now, is hanging a bunch of different picture frames on vintage looking ribbon and drawer knobs on the big open wall when you come in. I included a pic of the knobs and ribbon. Also, you can see Squire hard at work on the hutch we had to saw in half to get into the basement. Squire's Aunt Lynell was so kind as to give us her couch, chair and 1/2, and ottoman. Funny story though, the couch was so big, that after working for 2 hours to get it into our apartment with no success in making it to the living room, Squire had to saw it in half to take it back out!! : ) Hence, our DI couch. But, we did fit the chair in, and got a cute slip cover for it too!


  1. I'm so glad you guys started a blog!! Cute place and nice decorating...looks fun!

  2. Let the fun begin! Welcome to your new apartment and life! Enjoy!

  3. The Bowl is Gorgeous. I love how your decorating. Great colors!! You are one cute wife!!! You both look great together.

    Love Sheila Heims

  4. How cute are you with your blog! very nice! I am loving the DI couch, and the great nobs, you have fabulous taste!

  5. those fabulous Utah basement apartments!! I remember ours well...the fridge in a storage room off the "kitchen" (really the living room because we couldn't fit the couch into the extra bedroom which we WERE going to make into the living room. FUN TIMES!!! We were bummed to not be able to make it to the wedding...the kids were in a play & had soccer games. But I now know what I'm getting you for a wedding present after reading your blog! wink wink send me your new address at julie.a.bassett at CONGRATS!!! You guys look fabulous and happy!



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