Sunday, September 14, 2008

The New Anthropological Science: Couchdigology

So, as you all know, our couch is old...very old. Squire was digging around in there this evening and he found some pretty funny things:
- A 1970-71 Astrology Calendar Pamphlet, which had "Double Cash Bingo" playing tickets
- A metal "D-Ring"
- A round retro playing card
- A poker chip
- Two funky old magnets (One of a pelican and the other of a dog.)
- And last but not least! A baby's teething "cookie".
It's crazy the story a couch can tell with just a few forgotten items. I think I'll go clean the couch now... : )


  1. The back of my truck had some remnants form the couch that we split in half. Marbles, small McDonalds type toys and 2 dimes and 3 pennies. Couches seem to have lots of surprises in them!

    Oh, how I wish I had a photo of Squire in the kitchen sawing that first couch in half to get it out!

  2. Jami:

    We need your address. We are glad you like the night stands and they even look better with the handles you bought.

    we enjoy seeing your pictures and one these day we'll make a Blog ourselves.

    our E-mail address is:

    Love to both of you,

    Grandpa & Grandma Elsmore



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