Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kitchen Time!

Here are a few pictures of my favorite room in the house - the kitchen! : ) I love cooking in my cozy little kitchen. I especially love my cabinet with the glass doors.


  1. Very cool, Jami. You've definitely got your mother's knack. The kitchen is my favorite room in my home, too. Yours looks very cozy..Auntie Sheryl

  2. Looks great...the most stylin' newlywed apartment in Provo!

  3. Wow! Makes me want to go home and redo my bedroom! I really like your place. Very nice! I especially like the cabinets with glass doors. My parents got us a bed when we got married also and after the few years that we've been married we STILL make comments almost nightly about how much we love our bed. Cute deco!

  4. The kitchen looks great! It turned out so nice. I especially like the fishies on the fridge. ;-)



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