Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good With Words... : )

Today in Sunday school, the lesson was on Helaman Chapters 1-5. The teacher started the discussion about Gadianton and his evil, charismatic and flattering ways which lead many astray. He asked everyone - "Who else do we know who is good with words?" hinting at other evil men in the Book of Mormon...Squire said quietly to me, "Obama!" : ) Yes, he is good with words, isn't he? Check out this website for a laugh about the fantastically heroic - Barack Hussein Obama.


  1. That is very scary & true!
    Funny website too!

  2. Your dad is right...scary and true! Ummm... and you have one sexy husband don't you! j/k you guys are adorable! That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing:)



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