Sunday, August 31, 2008

And so the Honeymoon begins... ; )

We have been married for almost a week and a half now, and so we thought it might be nice to get our own family blog going for all our friends and family who are out and about! Here are some pictures from our honeymoon:
This first pic is of the infamous "Shoe Tree" on the loneliest highway - Highway 50. We traveled the lonely road for about 2 days to get to our destination in Southern Utah. The story behind this tree goes as follows - a newly married couple camped here, and they got in a fight. The woman said she was going to leave, and her husband said that if she was going to leave she would do it barefoot. Then he picked up her shoes and threw them into the tree! He was upset about the situation, so he went to a bar in town. The bartender encouraged him to go back and fix things with his new wife. He did. The next year, they went back to the tree and threw their baby's shoes into the tree too. : ) Cute story huh? Squire and I didn't have any shoes we wanted to get rid of, so Squire found a shoe to represent him (the big brown work boot) and one for me (the strappy silver sandal), tied them together and threw them into the tree with success after several attempts. More pics to come soon! : )


  1. That shoe tree is great! It is a must stop out in the middle of nowhere! We look forward to lots of pics! We love you both! Dad

  2. I am so glad you started a blog! Have fun starting your life together! It is so much fun. One of my favorite years of marriage was the first one! I loved it! So enjoy it! You better keep all of us in Reno updated through this blog frequently!

  3. A honeymoon is what makes a wedding more exciting. The very thought of being able to spend quality time alone with your partner is surely something to look forward to.



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