Monday, September 9, 2019

The Miracle of the Screw

I really like miracles, the big and the small. When I was serving a mission, a missionary named Elder Field, who was in my district in Winchester, Virginia, shared a story of a small miracle that happened to him. He was shopping at a grocery store and he really wanted some jam. He didn’t want just any jam he wanted a particular flavor, I think it was plum. It was his favorite jam. He went to the jam isle and he looked at the place where the plum jam was. They were all gone. He was disappointed, and he began walking away. But he had a feeling to go back and check the place where the plum jam was again. He went back, and looked at the empty space on the shelf. He looked way in the darkened back of the shelf and there it was, a single jar of plum jam. It was a small miracle, but I think everyone recognized the tender mercy that the Lord bestowed on one of his servants that day. He loves his children. I did not know Elder Field very well at all, because other than that story, all I remember is that he was very quiet, yet I have remembered that story he shared, and I have often thought of it. In the fact, the story was extremely popular, and it spread over the whole mission. It seemed for a couple months it was referenced often in many talks given at district and zone meetings, and even mission conference. It really resonated with the Elders and Sisters in the mission.

Miracles are there, more often than we may think, if we just recognize them. Now for the Miracle of the Screw.

Since Jami and I have lived in our new house, we have had no ceiling light in our bedroom or our kids’ bedrooms. Our house was built in the 1970’s, so it was a time when people built houses without lights in the ceiling for some odd reason. However, our bedroom does have a box in the ceiling, and has been ready for a light, thanks to a previous owner putting it there after the house had been built.

 After one year of living here, we finally bought a ceiling light for our bedroom. It is a funny light with a bunch of wood beads all around it. The day it came in the mail, I got home from work late as usual, probably 9 o’clock. I also had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, and go to work the next day. Jami and I were excited and decided to put the light up. After all, it should be pretty easy to put a light up. So I turned off the circuit breaker, and got the light wired up. No problem. I needed Jami’s help to hold the flash light and help hold the light while I put in the screws. If you have ever put a light fixture on you may know that it can be quite a trick to line the screws up through the hole in the light fixture with the hole in the box on the ceiling, especially with that piece of insulation they put in there around the wiring so you can’t see anything through the light fixture’s hole. We tried for a while, and it wasn’t going anywhere. So I got a nail out and tried to line the hole up that way, but still the screw wouldn’t connect. In fact, it felt like the screw wasn’t even hardly touching anything behind it when I tried to put it in. Finally I realized the screws they gave us, were exactly as long as the fixture was wide! I cursed the desire of the manufacturer to save half a cent of metal per screw. Unless the light fixture box on the ceiling stuck out half an inch this wasn’t going to work. I would need a screw that was half an inch longer, or have super human strength and push the screw in so hard that it bent the metal of the fixture in half an inch. So I gave up. It was about 11 p.m., and I needed to go to bed to get my meager 6 hours of sleep to be able to function somewhat for the next day of work. I would have to stop at the hardware store to pick up some new screws because I didn’t have anything like that in my miscellaneous assortment of screws in the garage (the screws were really fat stubby screws).

Of course as time passed, and the light fixture box sat on the table in our room waiting to be set up, Wren got into the packaging and ate some Styrofoam and broke it all up in our bedroom and bathroom.

Well about four or five days later, without having gone to the hardware store, I for some reason got the itch to get that fixture up right away. Again, I had arrived home at 8 or 9 that night. I was looking for the cursedly short screws, and was looking through all the chaotic mess of junk that I keep on my two junk shelves in my closet. I thought that was where I had put them. As I was looking, I stumbled across a different screw. It was just like the other screws, fat and stubby, but a little longer. I then remembered I had put the first screws in my electrical tool box. I got one of those out and compared the width of the screw and lined up the threads to the newly found screw, they were exactly the same except the new screw was half an inch longer! So with renewed determination and hope I tried again to get the light fixture up with Lincoln helping me this time. After two or three tries, again with the nail method, the light was up! Albeit with only one screw holding it up for now, but it is up and we have a light in our room!

I still for the life of me can’t remember where that screw came from originally. I save random screws all the time, in case I need them, but I don’t usually just put them in my closet. Where it came from, I don’t know, but I feel it was a small miracle. Like Elder Field’s jam, that Heavenly Father was just sending me a little blessing to let me know that He cares about Jami and I, and because the light was important to us, it was important to Him.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Anti-Vax Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Speaks Out!

I have been asked on several occasions, how I as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, can possibly find fault with vaccination, when my church--the church I believe is led by living prophets directed by God--has urged its members to be vaccinated. My church has has even donated and continues to donate to vaccination campaigns around the world as part of their humanitarian efforts. Aside from being asked, I have witnessed in a multitude of forums, some members claiming that those members of the church who would claim religious reasons to not vaccinate, have no legitimacy in making their argument against it. And that those who don’t comply are in some way, going wayward in their devotion to God, to the brethren who serve Him, and the broader society.

Yesterday evening, as I studied Acts 10 with my family in preparation for our Come Follow Me discussion this upcoming Sunday, one particular encounter stood out to me. Cornelius was directed in an angelic vision to send for Peter, and to hear his message. When Peter arrived, Cornelius began to worship him. “But Peter took him up, saying, Stand up; I myself also am a man.”[1] He then proceeded to teach Cornelius and the others who were gathered there about the divinity of Jesus Christ and the necessity to be baptized and make covenants with God. Those who had previously been deemed “common” or “unclean” were not actually unworthy in God’s eyes. In fact, it was clear that God was no respecter of persons, that He intended to extend to all His children the good news and blessings of Christ’s triumph over sin and death, and that previous policies and traditions were changing. In this moment, and so many more that followed, Peter was fulfilling the essence of his mission to bring others to Christ. And this is the very essence of what modern day prophets and apostles are to do as well: to bring others to Jesus Christ.

God has given us “commandments that (we) should love and serve him, the only living and true God, and that he should be the only being whom they should worship.” [2] We reverence and carefully listen to the teachings of our leaders as a mode of coming closer to God, but this does not mean we worship them or see them as the source of direction for every particular action we should take in our lives.

Additionally, the 11th article of faith states, “As members, we claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.” This statement does not exclude individual members. The verse specifically indicates “ALL” peoples’ consciences should be respected in how they choose to worship.

There are several reasons of conscience that guide members’ decisions to avoid some or all vaccines. This first reason I will share, has never been explicitly and publicly addressed by the church leadership, so we do not know if our leaders past or present are aware of this issue. It would not be surprising if they did not – I have informed many doctors of this reality myself. It is not common knowledge that many of the live virus vaccines we use today are made with the product of electively aborted babies. [3] The predominant fetal cell lines being MRC-5, WI-38, and RA27/3. [4][5][6][7][8] The current MMR vaccine in the U.S utilized at least 137 babies, most of whom were perfectly healthy. While these babies were aborted in the 1950’s, these cell lines are no longer replicating as they should and need to be replaced. New cell lines are being developed and considered to replace them, like the Walvax-2. [9] There are many more vaccines in development that utilize these and newer cell lines from aborted babies. In my view, to use the product of murdered babies for a perceived medical benefit is not in harmony with the infinite worth that God has placed on every individual human soul. We have been commanded, Thou shalt not. . . kill, nor do anything like unto it.” [10] To knowingly inject ourselves or our children with the product of child murder, without which the product would not exist--especially in a market economy--is to be morally complicit with the heinous act itself. The Savior demonstrated the way to live was to willingly sacrifice oneself in the service of God and our fellow beings. To knowingly consume a product made from the sacrifice of innocent babies for a perceived health benefit is in essence, a satanic perversion of God’s Law of Sacrifice.

The scriptures teach us that our bodies are temples for our spirits and that we should not let unclean things enter our bodies. [11] Furthermore, the word of wisdom warns of conspiring men in the last days, and also gives instruction on how to respectfully care for the body that houses our spirit. [12] To inject ourselves with the liability-free pharmaceutical product comprised of viral and bacterial debris, animal and human cell lines, heavy metals, preservatives, detergents and other questionable materials seems in conflict with the principles taught in these verses and in line with the secret combinations of those who would harm us. There are many respectful ways to care for the immune system that do not involve the extortion of nature or our bodies. Most illness is prevented through proper hygiene, rest, adequate whole food mostly plant-based nutrition, and exposure to some sunlight and some dirt. Immunization can be established through choosing to expose a healthy child to a contagious illness, like chicken pox or measles in order to gain natural lifelong immunity from the virus. This intentional process of immunization allows a parent to support the child with adequate nutrition, herbal and emotional support and rest in the process. Breastfeeding is an invaluable component of infant immunity and if the mother had an infection in her intestinal tract at some point, she can pass on antibodies and protection to her infant through her milk during the early tender months of her baby’s development. [13][14]HiB, or Hemophilus Influenza B has been shown unable to survive in the throats of breastfed infants. [15]

More reasons of conscience: many members, including myself, have received specific revelation and warnings from God for our families to not vaccinate at all, or to discontinue vaccinating ourselves and our children. Furthermore, many members stopped vaccinating because they had a child die or be seriously injured by vaccination. I have heard countless heartbreaking stories of deaths and injury – including the stories of many missionaries who received vaccinations upon entering the MTC, only to develop autoimmune conditions, gut issues, anxiety, and other completely new health concerns consistent with vaccine injury. [16][17] Many of these faithful young saints found their health concerns so debilitating that they had to return home early.

In 1978 when the church published its letter urging members to be “immunized,” (please note that vaccination and immunization are not synonymous terms) specific viruses, bacteria, and infections were mentioned. It must be noted that the peer-reviewed scientific literature I am sharing with you, here, today, did not exist then. Nor did the internet exist to be able to research these things as we are able to do today, either. In addition to the issues of conscience I mentioned above, there are also scientific reasons members choose to forgo vaccination.

The Prophet Joseph Smith taught, “Mormonism is truth. . . . The first and fundamental principle of our holy religion is, that we believe that we have a right to embrace all, and every item of truth, without limitation or . . . being . . . prohibited by the creeds or superstitious notions of men.” [18] The latest scientific research is demonstrating that vaccination may very well be exactly that – a cultural superstition of men, and that it may harm more than benefit. To demonstrate this, I will share some relevant peer-reviewed literature detailing some of the issues with vaccinations both past and present.

To begin, please consider the vital statistics graphs pgs.80-85 from the CDC, demonstrating that before the vaccines were ever introduced, deaths from the illnesses we vaccinate for, went down to statistically insignificant quantities. [19] This is key to understand as many give credit to vaccines for saving countless lives, when it is clear from a careful review of the data that vaccines can hardly be given credit at all for the decline in deaths. In fact, there were several illnesses for which no vaccine was ever created which essentially disappeared with the development of plumbing, sewage, proper nutrition, and better work environments, as well. Vaccines can be attributed at most only 3.5% of the credit in reducing death. [20]

**PLEASE NOTE: All of the vaccines on the schedule from 1978 when the church’s original letter was written, have been removed for safety issues. They have since been replaced with new vaccines which are now proving to have safety and efficacy issues of their own.** Please also note that at the time the church openly encouraged members to vaccinate in in 1978 and 1985 [21] [22], vaccine manufacturers had not been given immunity from liability.[23] Also, the schedule had drastically fewer recommended vaccines.[24] Let’s take a brief look at some history and literature for each vaccine the church mentioned in its letters, and the associated illnesses:


The history of poliomyelitis is a complicated one. The condition of Poliomyelitis of the 1800’s to the 1950’s was caused by environmental toxins and multiple viruses, so to credit the vaccine with eradication of “Polio” when it only focused on one cause of the Poliomyelitis – poliovirus – is inaccurate, at best. It simply couldn’t have eliminated it. There were several factors at work. The worst outbreaks and outcomes can be attributed to the use of pesticides and environmental toxins like DDT, BHC, Arsenic and Lead [25] to changes in diagnostic criteria before and after the first vaccine was introduced [26], more sensitive testing which demonstrated more than one virus or toxin was causing the poliomyelitis and therefore “reduced” the polio by reclassification [27], harmful treatment of the affected patients through immobilization and surgery (outcomes of patients drastically improved with new treatments developed by Sister Elizabeth Kenney) [28], and other cultural factors like low breastfeeding rates and high numbers of tonsillectomies.

The original Salk vaccine was removed from the market and replaced with the Sabin Oral Polio vaccine (OPV) after just a four years because it was causing Polio, see “The Cutter Incident.” [29]

The CDC admits the Sabin OPV causes vaccine-derived Poliovirus, therefore, polio eradication is impossible with synthetic polio being introduced into the population through vaccination. [30]
The Sabin OPV was taken off U.S. markets in 2000. It has eradicated wild poliovirus and at the same time it has/is causing non-polio acute flaccid paralysis by the tens of thousands of individuals in countries where it is still being used, at higher rates than the paralysis cases associated with the wild Poliovirus before it was introduced. [31]

The inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) was developed as a replacement for the OPV. The vaccine being used in the U.S. like all vaccines grown on cell lines from animals or humans, still harbors the risk of introducing unintended viruses which we would not have encountered had we refused vaccination. The monkey kidney virus, SV-40, for example, introduced by the Salk vaccine to the population in 1954, in conjunction with asbestos exposure, has been incriminated as a cause of Mesothelioma. [32] [33]


Before the vaccine was introduced, deaths from the measles in the US and UK were down 97% and 99%. It was debated whether this vaccine was even worth producing. [34] [35] In third world countries, we have several studies that demonstrate all-cause mortality of those receiving the vaccine was actually higher than those who had natural measles. Natural measles infection and other childhood infections have been linked to several health benefits, [36][37][38][39] and such immunity lasts a whole life long. It is worth mentioning the Urabe strain of measles vaccine was removed from UK markets for causing meningitis in 1992.[40] Our current MMR vaccine is not working as effectively anymore, and preliminary studies demonstrate that third booster shots aren’t effective, either. But, not to worry, Vitamin A supplementation has been shown to reduce the worst possible outcomes of the measles.[41][42]

German Measles (Rubella):

It is worth mentioning that Thalidomide could be a possible confounding factor in the discovery and attribution of birth defects to the Rubella virus. [43] In any case, this illness is only of concern to pregnant women’s babies. With most vaccines these days, we are finding that artificially induced immunity, (especially with so little wild virus circulating and with few individuals with natural immunity left to provide true herd immunity), does not last as long as we had previously believed for every vaccine on the market.[44] So the vaccine may not even be able to have a protective effect for a woman by the time she is pregnant because her artificially induced immunity may have waned anyways.

Additionally, immune activation in pregnancy is associated with schizophrenia and other neurological problems in animal studies.[45] And no vaccine safety studies have ever been conducted on pregnant women, so if a woman is concerned about damage to her baby while pregnant, she should plan to forgo vaccination for baby’s sake while pregnant. Also, please remember that at least 76 babies were aborted for the isolation of the Rubella virus portion of the vaccine alone.[46]


As demonstrated in the U.S. vital statistics link above, Diptheria deaths stopped entirely before the vaccine was in widespread use in the U.S. This is attributable to improvements in sanitation.
In addition to this information, we must consider the latest research that demonstrates the devastating effects of injected aluminum on the body, the DTaP being one vaccine that contains aluminum adjuvant.

This review of nearly 300 scientific studies demonstrates many toxic effects of aluminum, including how it disrupts gene replication. [47] This paper has more information on the aluminum adjuvent as well. [48]

Pertussis (whooping cough):

A study on the Diptheria whole cell Pertussis Tetanus toxoid vaccine, (DPT or DwPT) found that given with the OPV, it was associated with 5X all-cause mortality, given alone, the DPT was correlated with 10X all-cause mortality. [49] This study also found an increase in all-cause mortality associated with the DTP vaccine.[50] We do not give the DPT in the U.S. anymore as there were complaints and lawsuits for it killing and maiming too many. It was replaced with the Diptheria Tetanus acellular Pertussis vaccine (DTaP.)

In a recent study published by Oxford Pediatrics February 2019, it was explained how the DTaP vaccine makes its recipients more susceptible to Pertussis for the rest of their lives, with no solution in sight. [51]

And this study on baboons found that it is possible for recipients of the TdaP to become asymptomatic carriers and to pass along Pertussis to the unexposed unknowingly, making this a dangerous vaccine for pregnant women and the family members of newborns to receive.[52]


Immunity is waning from the mumps portion of the MMR vaccine. This means that more individuals are actually more susceptible to fertility damage because they are getting sick with mumps at inopportune times, rather than in childhood, when it would have been less dangerous. [53] Additionally, the MMR vaccine is under scrutiny in a lawsuit for scientific fraud to allegedly fake the mumps vaccine efficacy rates. [54]


A promising study in Bangladesh demonstrated that Vitamin C may be a suitable treatment for full-blown Tetanus. [55] There are many ways to care for the body and its immune system, including adequate knowledge of wound care. A vaccine that makes one susceptible to higher levels of all-cause mortality and Pertussis, is not necessary.

In Conclusion

Let’s be abundantly clear, here. Vaccinations are not a requirement to serve a full time mission (in a missionary’s home country.) They are not required to serve in a calling, or to sing in your ward or stake choir. They are not required to attend the temple. They aren’t a requirement to enter heaven, either. Vaccination is NOT a saving ordinance. Vaccination is a tradition of our fathers that we can and should examine with open hearts and minds.

It would be worth it to follow the advice the Lord gave to Oliver Cowdry on this one, “. . . Study it out in your mind; then you must ask (God) if it be right. . .”[56]

May each of us have our own conscience respected, our freedom [57] and right to bodily autonomy, and our God-designed immune system preserved. I pray in Jesus’ sacred name. Amen.


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